Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Boundary Gardens | NZ


Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Boundary Gardens | NZ

Award Winning
Boutique Olive Grove 


Situated in the lower North Island of New Zealand, Wairarapa is well known for its wines, and now it is becoming renowned for the high quality olive oils produced in the region. Olive trees have been growing in New Zealand since the 1830s but it is only in the last 20 years that they have been grown on a commercial scale. The Mediterranean-type climate and fertile soils make Wairarapa perfect for growing olives.


Boundary Gardens is one of the newer olive groves. Located close to Masterton, it is set among beds of colourful peonies. Our olive oil has received the OliveMark® red seal that guarantees it is a 100% New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


With our first harvest, Boundary Gardens won a Gold Medal in the 2013 New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards.  In our second year we won a Silver Medal in the 2014 New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards.


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Export Grade  Peonies Available November

The Boundary Gardens Peony grove covers one hectare of the farm. We grow about nine thousand plants, including the Sarah Bernhardt, Fiesta Maxima and Duchesse de Nemours varieties. The beautiful and  highly fragrant peony is one of New Zealand's most prized export flowers, but with a short flowering season (November to mid-December) you've got to be quick. We sell commercial grade peonies by the box - 60-110 stems per box.

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What Makes an Award-Winning Olive Oil?

First, the oil must have achieved the Extra Virgin Olive Oil status, signified by the distinctive red OliveMark seal on the bottle.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality oil obtained from the first pressing The olives must be pressed within a few hours of picking. It is the freshness of the olives, combined with the gentle pressing that guarantees the quality of the oil.


Taste the Quality

Much has been written about the texture, depth and taste of olive oils. Ours has a fresh grassy flavour and a hint of pepper. It's perfect for dipping and tossing through a green salad, or as an accompaniment on meat and vegetables. What's more, the health benefits of a diet rich in olive oil are becoming well known.




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